Popagenda is a creative content marketing and media production service by Vesa Salmi based in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2006 it has been pioneering in various productions combining the latest technical solutions and medias with quality content, pop culture, events and marketing.​

Who is Popagenda?

Production model?


The man behind Popagenda is me, producer Vesku Salmi. I´m a dude from the West Coast Finland (Pori) and born in the early seventies.


My background is in youth, event and mobile marketing. I was working in the second biggest mobile operator Elisa in Finland early 2000 with DJ Esko! He was an easy going cartoon character which allowed liberal and totally new ways to do some "serious" youth advertising!

​​Since 2006 I have been working as a freelance producer, travel journalist, photographer, videographer and blogger (visited already 70 countries!) and digi DJ in my own company Popagenda and taken advantage of my vast experience and network of creative professionals.

​My guideline in work and generally in life is to question the ordinary way. To turn aside off the traditional patters. Some may call it bohemian, others creativity.





Popagenda´s productions vary in clients and budgets. Popagenda executes big and small productions according what is needed. Action is very flexible since the production teams are gathered separately to each unique production.

New technologies and new medias has been essential part of Popagenda´s productions right from the beginning.

Popagenda designs and executes contents to new media and works also as a link between technology companys and pop culture.


"DJ Vesku is one of the rare people who understand how to use technology to actually create better services. Vesku is known for his passion in music, travelling and pop-culture. That, plus his understanding of different areas like mobile services and IT-technologies, makes him a force to respect when it, comes to e.g. building new entertainment services. Last but not least, DJ Vesku is also a man one can trust."
Tommi Hietavuo - Hp Bazaar

Aalto University
Alma Media

Axel Technologies


Emma & Elias (RAY)
Focus Media

Fuugo TV

Hewlett Packard


Ministry of Defence
Music Export Finland

Pori Jazz

Porin kaupunki


Sanoma Media Finland

Tukholma.fi/Visit Stockholm
Woodpecker Film




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