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Vesa Salmi

Independent Producer and New Media Visionary, Experienced in Travel journalism, Mobile, Event and Youth Advertising, DJ.​

​Work experience


2006 - present

Seven years as a Manager in the company. Several productions in the fields of marketing, media and culture. Specialized in technology, mobile and new medias. 

Event Producer/ DJ/ Sales Manager

2004 - present
As a Event Producer and Sales Manager in various events. A DJ.

Guerilla Mobile Media Oy
Sales Manager, Marketing Designer
2006 - 2007

Mobile marketing and web campaigns to selected target groups.

Marketing Designer, Event Co-ordinator
2000 - 2003

DJ Esko was the first mobile portal in Finland offering new mobile services and benefits primaly for Elisas customers.
DJ Esko was also an easy going cartoon character which allowed liberal and totally new ways to do some "serious" youth advertising!
Events and sponsoring I organized in the name of DJ Esko : Koneisto, Pori Jazz, Nosturi, TILT Game World, Funky Elephant, Stiga Tour, Team DJ Eskos Sauna Tour...
Mobile consepts: The Rasmus, Lordi, 69 eyes, Tik Tak, Kiasma sms-poetry competition,
+ DJ Esko cd`s (Setti1 - gold record in Finland - 15 000 sold units 2003)

Selsdon International Finland
1998 - 2000

A Finnish representative for an Italian show producer. Produced for example a 70´s disco artist Gibson Brothers (40 millions sold records) to Finland. Also for example tour managering and marketing planning for different companies (for example EF- Education First).

Finnish Jazz Federation/ U.M.O Jazz orchestra
Tour Manager
1998 - 2000

Tours with the best jazz bands in Finland. For example Perko-Pyysalo Poppoo. The North American Tour with U.M.O (July 1998)

Soittorasia Oy/Oy Soivios Ab
Music Consult, System Trainer
1996 - 1999

​A trainer for IT-based Soittorasia music automation system in different units in Finland. Also planning music concepts for hotels, restaurants and so on.

Royal Cotton Club
Club Host
1996 - 1997

A liaison for jazz and program restaurants and artist who performing there. Weekly program informing to various medias. Working as a host in different events. Also answering the music in restaurants and mixing the bands performing.

Radio Tupla
Radio DJ
1995- 1996

Own Radio Show every Saturday - Pop-trampoliini

Caracas Club, Hotelli - Merimaailma Yyteri
DJ, Program Planner
1992- 1996

Revising a nightclub of Merimaailma Yyteri and executing show program.


Pete Veijalainen
Woodpecker Film, a director and a partner in cooperation
tel.040 3040412


Juha Ihalainen
A former colleague in Elisa/DJ Esko team for 3 years, now at MTV3 a senior planner
tel.040 5372614


Markku Patronen
A former Marketing Manager and a boss in DJ Esko
tel. 050 5065393


Tommi Hietavuo
Formerly in HP Bazaar, a partner manager
tel. 040 7723143




Satakunta University of Applied Science
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) (1998)


Länsi-Porin lukio
High-school graduate (1992)
Amiedu (adult education centre)
Media Assistant (multimedia content provider) (2000)
University of Helsinki
Communication (basic studies/25 cr) (2005)


Ads and Videos

Veikkaus "Porukkalotto" TV-ad
as a Lottery winner. (2011) Pohjantähti-elokuva

Eleanoora Rosenholm´s "Ambulanssikuskitar" music video
as a Zombie. (2009) Popagenda

Coca Cola "Kierrätys" TV-ad
as a Cycling man. (2007) Woodpecker film


Radio Nova´s "Suomen parhaat äänet" TV-ad as a Man passing by "Hannu Karpon ääni". (2007) Woodpecker film

Zen Cafe´s "STOP" music video as a Father.(2006) Woodpecker film

Zen Cafe´s "Taivas on kirkas ja napakka" music video as a Man in thai massage. (2005) Woodpecker film

Mc Donalds´s "Potku"-ad as a Father(2004) Film Magica

Tuulenpesä 1 and 2

(2004/ 2005​)

As a DJ in Tuulenpesä productions, which are combinations of live-music, live-drawing and dj.


“Vesa is a bohem smart guy. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Sakari Volanen -Business Manager /e-services b2c, Oy Radiolinja Ab

"DJ Vesku is one of the rare people who understand how to use technology to actually create better services. Vesku is known for his passion in music and pop-culture. That, plus his understanding of different areas like mobile services and IT-technologies, makes him a force to respect when it, comes to e.g. building new entertainment services. Last but not least, DJ Vesku is also a man one can trust."
Tommi Hietavuo - Hp Bazaar

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