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DJ Esko 

DJ Esko was the first mobile portal in Finland offering new mobile services and benefits primaly for Elisa´s customers. DJ Esko was an easy going cartoon character which allowed liberal and totally new ways to do some "serious" youth advertising. I worked with DJ Esko as a marketing designer and event co-ordinator  for three years. Here are some examples of the work that was done back then.



At the beginning of the 2000 created innovative mobile concepts.

At the first the concept was build around the Rasmus and after that it was used also with other hottest Finnish bands at the beginning of the 2000 (such as LORDI, 69eyes and TikTak).

Mobile concept included logos( that could be ordered to self phone), ring tones and screensavers. By signing in to as a member you were able to see pictures taken by band members from the tour they were having. Website of the band was connected to In so called SMS-mobile diary band members send messages to the fans three times a week by text messages. 

This marketing method that based on personal connection was success!

Mobile-innovation made it possible for bands to use totally new marketing channel and the operation benefit growing traffic in their network. Co-operation delivered synergy with positive images and representations.

DJ Esko - Setti1 record!


DJ Esko did something new by releasing the compilation  CD-record. Already known DJ Esko-brand was used to sell records.

And it was worth since the CD-record was sold nationally and it sold gold - over 10.000 copies on 2002!

The project was co-operation between DJ Esko and EDEL-records. The production budjet  was really low, but since the already known DJ Esko-brand and new medias were used  innovatively, it worked.

For example on the record there was DJ Esko´s own song created in former campaign. There were instructions how to order ring tones and direction to So the mobile aspect was taken into consideration also.

DJ Esko released Setti2 in summer 2003.



One of the most permanent sponsorship relationships that Radiolinja and DJ Esko had right from the beginning was with versatile live music venue Nosturi in Helsinki. Nosturi was and is one of the most essential youth venue. It was good for DJ Esko, since 95 % of the visitors were DJ Esko´s target group.

Co-operation with Nosturi increased DJ Esko´s coverage and use of services cost efficiently by strengthening brand synergies and it confirmed DJ Esko´s “good fibes” –image.

DJ Esko was involved all the marketing communication that Nosturi had. Medias were: tv, radio, print media, website, mobile and venue itself. There were this so called hospitality services= certain amount of free tickets, certain amount of own events per year.

For example: there were monthly Nosturi competiotions on and to participate to competition, it was requered to sign in to DJ Esko club and when signing in it was required to give one´s www- and sms contact information. DJ Esko also delivered tickets to sold out concerts of Lordi and had competitions with Lordi theme.



DJ Esko´s promotion was build around so called Team DJ Esko. The Team was a combination of moving live-outdoors- advert (in events and ski centres) and sponsorship which was made with divergent way compared to traditional sponsorship patters. 

The “sponsorship” was made in unconventional way with popularizing, anti-sponsoring and exaggerating, but still with good way which spoke to youth. The team DJ Esko worked with target group absolutely credibly and aroused attention with interesting style and visual look.

The Team was implemented totally to target group and that gave impression of totally one´s own “thing” for youth. The Team´s coverage increased the credibility and interest of the DJ Esko brand. The team generated directly more movement to Because the concept was easy to copy and the avoidance of payment of event sponsorship, tapamarkkinointi was cost-effective.

Experiences from the field (for example kleinbusses and sauna for festival crowds) were really positives.

With tongue in cheek but with big heart, project stuck in peoples mind.

Copy cases


Team DJ Esko

Helsingin Sanomat


8 Mile

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