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Client: PowerKiss

PowerKiss is the whole new way to charge phone, music player and other portable devices in a smart and cordless way.

Popagenda executed an animation film and a campaign page production for PowerKiss with advertising agency HeyDay. The animation film with specially composed tune supported interesting and “cool” feeling of Powerkiss brand.

The production aimed to arouse interest and interactive functional activity towards PowerKiss.

PoriJazz presentation video and videoblog


2006 and 2008


Pori Jazz presentation video was made for potential sponsorships negotiations. A purpose of the video was to present festival´s atmosphere so that  a viewer could sense the feeling surrounding the event.

Video was directed by Pete Veijalainen. The idea was that material could be used to tv-commercials years to come, in internet  and in travelling expositions.

PoriJazz realtime videoblog was a co-operation between HP, DNA, Nokia and Popagenda. 

The idea was to record unforgettable PoriJazz moments with camera phones. Videos included interviews, glimpses of concerts and the best moments of festival´s pulse. Videomaterial was send almost in real time to festival´s web site to videoblog (“web diary”).

Popagenda worked as a content provider, while technical solutions were executed by HP, DNA and Nokia.




Client: Axel Technologies

In this production Popagenda co-operated with Axel Technologies.

Fuugo is an Internet Video Client for Android and also a Digital TV software for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. Aps are designed specially for touch screen.

Popagenda executed presentation videos (white screen) for products of Fuugo and was part of the Fuugo´s  international launching campaign.

Peacekeeping Finland



Client: Konsept and Ministry of Defence

Peacekeeping Finland interview videos are part of "Finland to the UN Security Council in 2013-2014" campaign. The customers were advertising agency Konsept and Ministry of Defence. Videos were edited by Popagenda.

Check out  the interviews!

        Pekka Haavisto

        Martti Ahtisaari,

        Juha Kilpiä

         Helena Ranta

         Anni Seppälä


Aalto University invention videos



Client: Aalto University

Aalto University invention videos are compact teasers targeted for potential financiers. Intricate inventions are captured in 60 to 90 seconds videos including review of the invention and it’s commercial potential.

Popagenda provided a manuscript, shooting, direction and editing for these videos.

Check out more videos!


Carlsberg, Battery and Fortum




Carlsberg - Training Day 

In this campaign video production (executed with advertising agency HeyDay) moving image and internet  integrated seamlessly with new innovative way. A computer screen worked as a playing field and this had been taken into consideration already in a script. Thanks to a new method to pack picture, a ball spinned fast with high resolution. The idea was that the TV spot directed comsumers to a campaign page.

With Heyday Popagenda has also had a TV –videoproduction for Ålands Banken,  two TV- videoproductions for Battery and a videoproduction for Fortum.

DJ Esko Setti1 cold record



DJ Esko was Elisa`s marketing concept in the beginning of the 21 century.

DJ Esko released CD-record 2002 and it sold gold - over 10.000 copies!

This project was a co-operation between DJ Esko, DJ Alex Leader, EDEL-records and advertising agency HeyDay. The production budjet  was really low, but since the already known DJ Esko-brand and since new medias were used  innovatively, it worked.

Want to know more about DJ Esko and how it is related to Popagenda? »»

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