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Travelshow Trippimittari


Trippimittari was a new and experimental travel show broadcasted in YleX, a Finnish mainstream radio station in 2010. A team of two experienced media producers, Alex Leander and Vesa Salmi travelled throughout Southeast Asia to explore distant cultures and make a trip of their lifetime. The team produced an on-the-road blog during their trip that started in May and lasted till June. They posted interesting articles, photos, and videos from the events they encountered on the road.

During their travels their audience could present suggestions about next travel destinations to the team through their Facebook -fan site. The YleX radio station followed the travel progress with their weekly travel reports.

Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page

Print media




Online TV

Iltalehti web-TV


IL-TV is a unique service for the readers of Videos offer the users the kind of additional material, that cannot be found on magazines or tv. IL-TV is the most popular online tv in Finland. It is visited by 900 000 unique browsers every week.

Popagenda has made several videos for IL-TV from the most popular festivals and events. 


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