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​Popagenda produced this video for Eleanoora Rosenholm and it  was directed by Pete Veijalainen (Woodpecker Film). The video was shot during a one weekend in Pori with quit a low budjet and it was filmed mainly with spontaneously gathered prior unknown volunteers. A night before the shootings the volunteers were gathered from local bars.

Regardless of that (or perhaps because of that) something special happened since Ambulanssikuskitar won the best Finnish music video award in Oulu Music Video Festival (OMVF)!

Pimeä tähti


​Pimeä tähti carried on where the former video Ambulanssikuskitar had remained. Pimeä tähti is at the same time a music video and also a multilevel horror-murder-mystery short movie.

Popagenda produced the music video for Eleanoora Rosenholm during year 2011. The video was directed by Pete Veijalainen (Woodpecker Film) and a shooting location was in Pori.


Music Export Finland on Music Matters Singapore 


Client: Music Export Finland

Music Matters is the pioneer music industry event in the Asia Pacific region and is a gathering of key players in the global music industry.

Popagenda executed a promo video and a photo production for Music Export Finland (nowadays Music Finland) from the event. 


pikkustoori kuvista

kuvia julkaistu: blue wings, iltalehti, matkaopas, 


                  More photos in Photogallery!

Tuulenpesä 1 & 2

2004/ 2005

​Tuulenpesä productions are combinations of live-music, live-drawing and dj. Primus motor of this idea was artist Vappu Rossi. The first Tuulenpesä was held in Helsinki Art Museum linked-up with Hell Disco-exhibition. The second one was held 2005 in Helsinki Taidehalli.

The other members were DJ Vesku Salmi, the keyboardist Pasi Salmi (Magyar Posse), and the guitarist Jyrki Laiho (including. Kuusumun profeetta, Circle).

The idea was that the DJ played electronic beat, while the guitarist and keyboardist improvised. The drawer drew a picture based on the soundworld so that the musicians and the drawer could react to DJ´s music, audience and each other. The music was combination of dusky electronic music and progressive music .

The club wasn´t a concert; audience could enjoy drinks in the bar and quietly talk and at same time follow the music and drawing.

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