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Recent news​

Black Crucifixion Video Involved in
the International Musicvideo Festival@Paris

Popagenda 3 September 2013

Popagenda produced a music video for Black Crucifixion - Millions of Twigs Guide Your Way Through the Forest on March 2013. Video was directed by Pete Veijalainen.


The main idea was to break convencial heavy metal music video story telling by combining Japanese Butoh Dance to Pori (my home town) art experience. I think we did a pretty good job!   






CWT KALEVA TRAVEL - Langkawi - web video out 

Popagenda 3 September 2013


Popagenda went to Malaysia and produced Langkawi -video to promote one of the CWT Kaleva Travels holiday destination

and resorts.  




Emma & Elias co-operation

Popagenda 28 April 2013


The funding programme (by RAY) brings together projects by different social and health care associations, aimed at promoting the health and social well-being of children and their families. The programme concentrates on improving the circumstances for development among 15-year-olds and younger children.

Popagenda has worked with the programme from the beginning of 2013 and produced several videos for their projects.


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