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Here are some cases from the past.

Blue Wings Finnair - Here’s how to do Goa right

May 26, 2019

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Pori Jazz Ad

Client: Pori Jazz ry 

​This presentation video was made for Pori Jazz festivals web site, for marketing presentations and partly to used in tv-commercial.

The idea of the video was to present festival´s atmosphere so that a viewer could sense the feeling surrounding the event:  10 days, 10 nights, inside and outside, small and larger stages, for adults and children, free and chargeable concerts, the highest peaks of the summer and the most memorable moments.

Pori Jazz is the biggest summer festival in Finland with 150.000 visitors every year.

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Trippimittari - Travel Show 

Client: Yleisradio

Trippimittari was a new and experimental travel show broadcasted in YleX, a Finnish mainstream radio station in 2010. A team of two experienced media producers, Alex Leander and Vesa Salmi travelled throughout Southeast Asia to explore distant cultures and make a trip of their lifetime.

​The team produced an on-the-road blog during their trip that started in May and lasted till June. They posted interesting articles, photos, and videos from the events they encountered on the road.
During their travels their audience could present suggestions about next travel destinations to the team through their Facebook -fan site. The YleX radio station followed the travel progress with their weekly travel reports.


Eleanoora Rosenholm

Ambulanssikuskitar - Music Video

Ambulanssikuskitar won the best Finnish music video award in Oulu Music Video Festival 2009!

The video was shot during a one weekend in Pori with quit a low budjet and it was filmed mainly with spontaneously gathered prior unknown volunteers. A night before the shootings the volunteers were gathered from local Irish bar!

Regardless of that (or perhaps because of that) something special happened!

Video was directed by Pete Veijalainen.

​Check out also these music videos by Popagenda: 

Eleanoora Rosenholm, Pimeä Tähti >


Client: PowerKiss / Aalto University

PowerKiss is the whole new way to charge phone, music player and other portable devices in a smart and cordless way.

Popagenda executed an animation film and a campaign page production. The animation film with specially composed tune supported interesting and “cool” feeling of Powerkiss brand.
The production aimed to arouse interest and interactive functional activity towards PowerKiss.



Carlsberg - Training Day

Client: Hey Day / Carlsberg 


In this campaign video production (executed with advertising agency HeyDay) moving image and internet integrated seamlessly with new innovative way. A computer screen worked as a playing field and this had been taken into consideration already in a script.

​Thanks to a new method to pack picture, a ball spinned fast with high resolution. The idea was that the TV spot directed comsumers to a campaign page.
Same technique was used also in similar Fortum and Battery campaigs.


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Futux Ad

Client: Idean / Telia Sonera

This video presents a day in life in the near future and demonstrates how communication should be so much easier​​.

Video was co-production with Idean. 

Print Media 

Clients: Blue Wings, Matkaopas, Iltalehti, Iltasanomat, Tietokonelehti


Popagenda has produced numerous magazine articles for leading print medias in Finland. (In Finnish)

Pori Jazz Videoblog w Mobile phones

Clients: Nokia, HP, DNA & Pori Jazz (2006)

Samsung, Satakunnan Kansa (2007)

The idea was to record unforgettable PoriJazz moments with Nokia N90 phonesIn 2006 it was the first time when blogging was done in big festival with this technology.Videos included interviews, glimpses of concerts and the best moments of festival´s pulse.  Videomaterial was send almost in real time to festival´s web site to videoblog (“web diary”).



Peacekeeping Finland Interview Videos

Client: Konsepti and Ministry of Defence

Peacekeeping Finland interview videos are part of "Finland to the UN Security Council in 2013-2014" campaign. Videos were edited by Popagenda.


Making of Carlsberg